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Fast break, Freestyle 3 on 3 Touch Football

  Less players: more throws, targets, catches and on ball 1 on 1 defense.  No huddles: increased reps and improvisation.  Our "No Coach" rule serves as an incubator for football labs of free play.  A few rules, but no replays or official reviews.  For the parents, how we played football growing up in the backyard, only with tournaments, leagues and a solid selection of tunes.   Division levels range from elementary through high school.

Route Tree Philosophy

If Route Tree 3 on 3 were a headline it would go something like this…….“1984 Backyard Football crashes 2020 Youth Sports Model!”  What we didn’t have back then, well, is actually what we had.  Deep, self-run practice zones, making corrections and errors, constantly generating solutions to the next problem.  In every neighborhood from Marshall to Caledonia, Duluth to Mahnomen, we were general managers, offensive coordinators, referees, drop linebackers and quarterbacks.

We didn’t have plush turf fields, uniforms or fancy first down markers (maybe a bent tree next to the deck).  Our pads were lifejackets and “Joey Browner-esque” elbow pads.  We played on age and skill appropriately sized fields which required precise, more efficient passing, receiving and defending techniques.  

Nobody quit neighborhood football.  Win or lose, everyone showed up the next day because there were no leagues, just games and a fresh slate.  We came up with our own playbooks, cadences and techniques. 




Our model is affordable and designed to keep costs per family below $10 per game (as low as $5).  We save time and money by eliminating practices and weekend road trips that require hotel stays.  Our youth sport-family balance requires nothing more than a two-hour local commitment per week.


Route Tree 3 on 3 touch football offers the backyard football feel with the convenience of a wider range of competition.  You now have access to all the best neighborhood teams from your area.  Certified officials help maintain safety and teach rules of the game.  In addition, our pod structure aligns with Covid-19 youth sport guidelines.


No Coaches and No Huddles!  Our game is a football lab of improvisation, with tempo and pace, maximizing plays per game (2 plays per minute).  Less players per team equals more ball reps.  Getting the ball is fun in every sport.  Every other play the ball will come your way or you can go get it!


The benefit of playing varsity 11 on 11 football is undeniable, and we will forever support that model.   Football culture is unique.  Route Tree believes improving football participation and retention is possible and necessary.  It starts with exploring the way our game is presented at the youth level and finding ways to make it safer and more fun.   Other sports have found their niche with Futsal (Soccer), 3 on 3 hoops and 4 on 4 hockey.  Our mission is to increase the number of participants entering the tipping point years of junior high so our amazing coaches and cultures at the high school and college levels can better serve our communities.  


Route Tree 3 on 3 has created a supplemental form of football that produces more reps, targets and touches.  Its player led format encourages friends to throw together their own team and promotes creativity, confidence and fun!  All while listening to your favorite tunes.

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